New Study Reveals Contact Center Challenges and Priorities

March 1, 2016 DATAMARK

High attrition rates, department silos and insufficient self-service capabilities are among the top challenges faced by contact centers today, according to new Strategic Contact survey findings published in the January 2016 issue of Contact Center Pipeline.

The researchers got input from contact center professionals in a wide swath of industries–from financial services and healthcare to business process outsourcing, telecommunications and more. The survey was designed to uncover challenges and top priorities meant to address those challenges in contact centers of all sizes and all sectors.

The overall Top 3 priorities among all respondents included the improvement of performance management and coaching (31%), improvement of training (29%) and improvement of reporting and analytics (23%).

In the business process outsourcing sector, the top challenge is attrition, and as one would expect, the top priority is the refinement of hiring.

When it comes to contact center size, attrition is the top No. 1 challenge for centers with 500 to 1,000 or more FTEs. These centers are making performance management and coaching their top priority.

Smaller call centers (those with 26 to 50 FTEs) said cross-department collaboration (breaking down silos) is their No. 1 challenge. The top priority for these smaller centers is the improvement of reporting and analytics.

Challenges and Priorities

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