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  • DATAMARK Mumbai Ribbon Cutting Ceremony5:17

    DATAMARK Mumbai Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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  • Datamark - BPO2:31

    Datamark - BPO

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  • Datamark - Contact Center2:29

    Datamark - Contact Center

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  • DATAMARK's Business Process Transformation 1:24

    DATAMARK's Business Process Transformation

    Many companies reach a point where they realize their back office process management solutions are outdated, inefficient and held back by old technology and legacy software systems. There’s a need t

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  • Training and Quality Assurance Case Study0:16

    Training and Quality Assurance Case Study If you’re considering outsourcing any of your business processes to a service provider, you certainly want to know w

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  • Enterprise Content Management0:16

    Enterprise Content Management Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an umbrella term that encompasses all the strategies, methods and tools used to manage

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  • Business Process Outsourcing0:16

    Business Process Outsourcing "Do what you do best and outsource the rest." This quote attributed to famed management experts Tom Peters and Peter Drucker i

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  • 311 Call Centers-More Than a Call Away0:16

    311 Call Centers-More Than a Call Away Municipal 311 programs have grown wide-ranging, comprehensive, and often

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  • The 311 Contact Center0:15

    The 311 Contact Center In the not-too-distant past, 911 systems in U.S. cities were overwhelmed by costly an

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  • Multi-Channel Contact Center0:16

    Multi-Channel Contact Center

    Learn more here: Whether placing an order, seeking help with a product or service, or sharing their experience with oth

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  • 24 Hour Call Center0:16

    24 Hour Call Center

    Learn more at: Our interconnected world is moving 24 hours a day. If it is critical for your business to respond to customer inq

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  • Outsourcing Back-Office0:16

    Outsourcing Back-Office Let experts handle your back-office processes so you can focus on what you do best.

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  • Digital Mailroom Solution0:16

    Digital Mailroom Solution

    More information available at: DATAMARK® has helped businesses all over the nation benefit from digital mailroom outsourcing. Once a compa

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  • Business Process Analysis0:15

    Business Process Analysis

    After more than 20 years helping Fortune 500 companies transition to outsourcing models, DATAMARK® has developed the Evolution Solution, a step-by-step framework to address common transition challenge

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  • Government Services0:15

    Government Services Across the world, governmental organizations are making the difficult transition from the paper era to the digital era. Often this involves th

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  • Manual Entry Data Capture0:16

    Manual Entry Data Capture Manual keying services is typically required for the capture of metadata from unstructured and semi-structured forms. The problem wi

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  • BPO Information Security0:16

    BPO Information Security

    View the entire white paper here: Turning over processes to service providers means relinquishing control of pri

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  • Energy & Utilities Services0:16

    Energy & Utilities Services

    The energy and utilities is under constant pressure to deliver cost-effective public services while maximizing value for shareholders and taxpayers. Document-centric business processes can be difficul

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  • Business Process Outsourcing Company DATAMARK Inc.2:46

    Business Process Outsourcing Company DATAMARK Inc.

    DATAMARK is a leading provider of digital mailroom and mail center management, data entry, document processing, customer contact center and business process re-engineering services for Fortune 500 com

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  • DATAMARK Digital Mailroom Solutions2:31

    DATAMARK Digital Mailroom Solutions

    This video offers a quick look at an enterprise-level digital mailroom. Paper documents are scanned and digitized at entry, and images and data routed to departments for immediate processing and turna

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