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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Reports, News, and Trends

Business Continuity Planning: Are You Planning for Tomorrow or Yesterday?

Recently DATAMARK, Inc., held a webinar on Business Continuity Planning. The three panelists discussed what was missing or did not receive sufficient attention in business continuity plans and the repercussions...

Building the Remote Contact Center of the Future

Contact centers have changed a lot over the years thanks to advances in technology, trends in communication, and changing customer expectations. Today’s consumers want always-on, omnichannel support, and they want...

8 Performance & Profit-Boosting 2021 Contact Center Predictions

When it comes to 2021 contact center predictions, it’s all about boosting performance and profit. Demands are increasing, and budgets are tight, but organizations getting in on the latest forecasts...

Work From Home in COVID-19 Era and Its Impact on Business Continuity

Business continuity planning has long been a semi-hidden aspect of many organizations. Still, after the COVID-19 pandemic took over most of 2020, we’ve all had to readjust and reframe how...

Workforce Management: How Do We Handle Peak Seasons

The new year’s start brings on deadlines, growing to-do lists, and more pressure that can make it tough to be productive. However, there are some ways in which business leaders...

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