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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Reports, News, and Trends

8 Advantages of Outsourcing in the Manufacturing & Retail Industries

When many people hear about outsourcing in manufacturing or retail, it relates to the core production tasks, such as having another company create your goods or sell them for you....

9 Reasons Why Business Continuity Plans Fail

During a recent DATAMARK webinar, we polled the audience and found that nearly a quarter of respondents felt that the importance of business continuity planning was the greatest lesson COVID-19...

Effective BPO Social Media Strategies for Customer Care Services

If you’re looking for ways to enhance and finetune the customer journey, but you aren’t investing in social media strategy, then you’re missing out on a worthwhile opportunity. Top-tier BPO...

The Future of Contact Centers in the COVID-19 Era

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk that the coronavirus killed the contact center. It didn’t. Contact centers will always be a vital part of healthy businesses and essential to...

Data Security: How DATAMARK Protects its Clients

Cyber-attacks and data fraud were included as two of the top five risks CEOs felt they were likely to face when polled at a recent World Economic Forum. As organizations...

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