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A New Zealand company is ready to unleash a computer robot on the call center world, a smart machine that will listen in on calls to figure out why customers are upset.

The Touchpoint Group, a customer engagement consultant and tech firm, has developed Radiant the robot, a powerful big data analytics system capable of studying customers’ interactions with company representatives and self-service systems. Radiant will listen for customers who appear to be upset and then determine what caused them to blow their tops.

“Using a combination of text analytics, natural language processing and machine learning, (Radiant) pinpoints and explains … the top root causes of poor interactions with the contact center,” said Touchpoint Chief Operating Officer Mark Thompson in an interview with

Radiant’s analysis will be presented on a dashboard to contact center executives, allowing them to easily uncover the reasons for upset customers and to develop strategies in response.

Radiant will also be able to provide analysis beyond voice calls–Touchpoint officials say the technology can be applied to online self-service experiences, ATM transactions and mobile apps.

Touchpoint says they plan to release the first commercial Radiant-based product in April aimed at the banking and financial services industry.