Offices will never be completely paperless, but Adobe is hoping its new products, Adobe Document Cloud and Acrobat DC, will encourage businesses to do more of their work with digital documents.

Acrobat, the well-known PDF document reader, has been reinvented to work with Adobe Document Cloud, a platform that lets you sign, send and track documents across desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Cameras in tablets and smartphones become a powerful tool with this platform, allowing you to take photos of documents and convert it into a searchable and editable PDF. The eSign Services system makes it easy to share documents and get signatures, because the recipient doesn’t have to download software to add their signature.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, the Adobe Document Cloud is at work, tracking documents and creating an audit trail for compliance.

Adobe Document Cloud is available by subscription, with monthly rates starting at $12.99 for individual users. A free trial is available for those of you who would like to try before you buy.

In addition to the new Acrobat DC and eSign Services, Adobe Document Cloud offers these features:

Mobile Link and Mobile Apps: Mobile Link, used in conjunction with the mobile Acrobat DC and Fill and Sign DC apps, allows you to access work and pick up where you left off between desktop and mobile devices.

Document Management and Control: Give visibility to the document process, showing where documents are in the workflow and indicating who has opened them and when. The control feature lets you protect sensitive information.

“The response to Adobe Document Cloud has been incredibly positive and inspiring,” said Bryan Lamkin, Adobe’s senior vice president of Technology and Corporate Development. “Clearly, we have struck a chord, as we set out to alleviate document distress for both enterprise workers and individual consumers. With Document Cloud, we are revolutionizing how people get work done with documents, and our customers are applauding the move.”

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