Before Outsourcing Your Contact Center, Improve Your Processes

November 29, 2017

For many growing companies, there comes a point where the contact center’s key performance indicators begin to reveal serious problems. Average handle times may start to increase significantly, customer complaints may begin to rise, and operating costs begin to cause headaches.

When the contact center begins to become a big distraction from your core business, it may seem, at first glance, a good idea to just shift the function off to a specialty provider—an outsourcing company that can handle your customer’s calls at a lower cost.

DATAMARK’s Business Engineering team follows a philosophy of continuous improvement, and will leave a plan in place for a regular assessment of performance. And as we mentioned above, perhaps outsourcing will still have a place in your strategy for your newly improved contact center operations. In this case, DATAMARK’s team can present outsourcing options to meet your needs, ranging from outsourcing but keeping the contact center in-house or within the same city, or outsourcing it to nearshore or farshore locations.

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