Technology Transforms Customer Experience in 2016

January 4, 2016 DATAMARK

Look for technology to drive big changes in the way companies attract and keep customers in 2016. In a recent Forbes article, contributor Blake Morgan highlights five trends shaping the future of customer experience.

In an increasingly competitive market, optimal customer experience is the most important factor in making businesses stand out above the rest. According to Morgan, CEOs must take ownership of providing the best customer service, equivalent to what one would receive as a welcomed guest in one’s home.

One way of making this connection is through the use of video. More and more companies are using this channel to provide customer service. This allows the individual to make visual contact with the agent, humanizing the experience. Morgan cites how Amazon incorporated customer support by video in its Kindle tablet and how American Express is using one and two-way video communication to allow agents to interact with customers.

Another trend involves the evolution of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. The personalization of CRM platforms is increasing across different service sectors. This allows the agent to obtain specific customer information related to the industry. Software companies are improving CRM technology to allow for multi-channel and mobile access. Morgan further states how CRMs are expected to use analytics to make accurate predictions in consumer preferences.

Improvements in workforce management platforms for contact centers will also drive an improved customer experience. Technologies such as WorkFlex Solutions are providing a means for on-demand contact centers, providing agents the opportunity to work from home on a flexible schedule. This will provide cost savings to many companies.

As every year passes, technology becomes more intelligent. Interaction among devices will be a new norm of the future through the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Computers will not only be able to solve problems using vast amount of information and complex algorithms, but also will be able to engage with the customer. There will be a shift in customer service strategies as technology evolves as the medium for customer experience delivery.

In addition to technology advancement, big data will play an equally important part in the future of customer experience. Data will shape the product and service offerings to individualize customer service.

Providing memorable customer services is key for attaining and retention of a solid loyal customer base. Companies embracing new technologies and data to tailor customer experiences will succeed where others fail.

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