DATAMARK has released a new case study with a focus on call center operations for a loyalty rewards program. “Fueling Customer Service Excellence in Two Languages” highlights a joint venture between DATAMARK and Integrated Human Capital (IHC) to provide call center services for Excentus, a Dallas, Texas-based company that operates the Fuel Rewards Network.

A customer-loyalty program offering discount rewards on fuel, the Fuel Rewards Network has been expanding rapidly across the Midwest and West, adding customers who speak Spanish or a mix of Spanish and English.

Fuel Rewards has grown to serve customers of 10,000 restaurants, 1,400 retailers and 700 online merchants participating in the program. Brands associated with Fuel Rewards include Shell and MasterCard, Staples, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Macy’s, TCBY, Which Wich and many other well-known retailers and restaurants.

DATAMARK and IHC formed a joint venture to provide bilingual call center services for the Fuel Rewards Network. IHC delivers expertise in human resource recruiting, staffing and retention. DATAMARK’s strengths include experience providing bilingual multichannel call center services for loyalty rewards programs and a Business Engineering team trained in Lean, Six Sigma and other process improvement methodologies.