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Many companies across various industries already enlist the help of translators and interpreters to provide their customers with resources in their native languages. However, if you’re not offering customer support in more than one language, you’re restricting your business’ chance at growth.

Furthermore, to be truly successful, you have to ensure that the multilingual support your offering is up to par with your company’s own values and expectations. It’s possible to offer world-class customer service in various languages, and here’s why you should be doing so.

Why Your Company Needs Multilingual Customer Support

For starters, we’re interacting with a globalized economy, and only catering to your English-speaking audience is confining you to a smaller area of influence. Grow your customer base, increase satisfaction, and take your business to the next level with a multilingual customer support team! 

Here are five ways multilingual customer service can improve your business:

  1. Increase Efficiency: When language barriers are removed, your clients are able to get the answers, they need much more easily and quickly. Plus, your customer support staff will be able to wrap up outstanding issues and keep business running smoothly.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Most customers prefer to speak in their native language. By offering this service, your customers will feel more valued and appreciative of your brand. They’re also more likely to repeat business with you as they can see the convenience in the experience they’ve already had.

  3. Stand Out from Competition: Look at what your competitors are doing. Do any of them offer multilingual customer support? Be the first to break the mold and show potential new customers that you care about and value their business.

  4. Grow Global Footprint: A multilingual customer support team allows you to expand your influence beyond your native market. Speak your customer’s language, and you can grow your target market and better serve an international base.

  5. Consistent Support: In customer service, few things are worse than inconsistency. Customers want to know that they’re going to get the same great service each time they engage with a support team. Having multilingual providers can ensure your customer support team is an effective asset.

How to Offer Stellar Multilingual Customer Service

As we mentioned before, simply offering multilingual support won’t do much for your company unless you have a great foundation within the customer service branch of your business. Do you see the value of having multilingual customer service? Here are the characteristics necessary to ensure your company’s customer service is world-class.

  • Determine the Best Languages: What languages are necessary to better serve your existing customer base or the markets that you’re hoping to branch into? Focus on the largest segments first, and then over time, you can introduce language support for other markets.

  • Use Visuals to Enhance Customer Experience: No matter the industry, using visual aids is always a good idea whenever something has been translated. Providing your customers with images is a great way to ensure your knowledge base is accurate for users of any language.

  • Be Conscientious of Cultural Differences: Speaking a language is not enough when it comes to providing a quality customer care experience. You must also recognize cultural nuances. This could span from the meanings of colors to slang to symbols that may be considered popular to one culture but offensive to another.

  • Choose the Best Customer Care Channels: Depending on your target markets, the channels in which your customers interact could vary from country to country. Decide if live chat, call center, self-service, social media, or a mix of all is appropriate for your customers.

These characteristics are just a few of the many that you should take into consideration as you work to improve your customer care experience. Many companies don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to take on a task of this size. If that’s the case for you, consider customer support outsourcing to grow your business.

DATAMARK Can Help With Quality Customer Service Outsourcing

All companies could improve customer service in one way or another. When you partner with DATAMARK, you can gain access to decades of experience, knowledge, and premium bilingual customer support teams. 

DATAMARK has provided customer service solutions for industries and businesses across the spectrum, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, since 1989.

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