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Organizations that have made digital mailrooms a cornerstone of back-office business processes are reaping many benefits by going paperless, according to a new report from AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management.

In an enterprise-level digital mailroom, incoming paper documents are captured and digitized using high-volume platform scanners. The digital document, rather than the paper document, enters the business process workflow and is routed to the appropriate department or individual for handling.

Faster turnaround to customers, improve mailroom productivity and improved data capture quality for downstream processes are cited as digital mailrooms’ greatest benefits, according to the AIIM study, “Paper-Free Progress: Measuring Outcomes.” The study was released in conjunction with World Paper Free Day on Nov. 6.

AIIM reports that early adopters of digital mailrooms and mobile capture technology are enjoying a significant competitive advantage over organizations that have been unable to wean themselves from paper-dependent processes. To produce the study,

AIIM surveyed information managers from organizations across the world. AIIM has found that for many enterprises, much work needs to be done to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits delivered by paperless business processes. Check out the bullet points and our infographic below for key findings from the report.

• Only 17 percent of respondents say their office work is considered “paper-free.” 56 percent still rely on paper to capture signatures for contracts and order forms. 40 percent use paper to archive important documents. 31 percent say their office is “piled high” with paper documents.

• 49 percent report that their paper consumption is decreasing. 20 percent report that paper consumption is increasing.

• The number of companies looking at every business process with an eye for eliminating paper has grown from 9 percent in 2014 to 16 percent in 2014. 36 percent say they are making good progress in this regard. 7 percent say they are sticking with paper processes, down from 11 percent in 2014.

• The biggest driver for adopting scanning and data capture technology for business processes is improved searchability and sharability. Other key drivers are higher productivity, reduced storage space and faster response. Also, 27 percent of respondents say company environmental policies drive reduced paper use.

• When it comes to multi-channel content, 40 percent of organizations say they are still dealing with it in an ad-hoc way. 35 percent say they print electronic inbound content and process it as paper. Only 3 percent have a comprehensive multichannel system for capturing and routing information arriving via paper, electronic and social channels.

To learn more, download the AIIM report executive summary at http://info.aiim.org/paper-free-progress-measuring-outcomes.

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