Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) tend to lack the deep pockets of large and global operations. As such, there are numerous tasks and functions that are not completed on time, are not done correctly, or do not get the attention they deserve. Fortunately, there are viable solutions available to help ensure all tasks are completed correctly, on time, and with the level of detail they require by outsourcing them to a qualified provider like Datamark.

Some of the more common services and functions SMBs can outsource include, but are not limited to:

  1. Mailroom Outsourcing – Managing inbound and outbound mail can become a tedious and time consuming task once your business reaches a certain size. Mailroom outsourcing solutions can help reduce overhead costs, help you develop digital mail solutions, and more. You can even customize the processing of your mail and what type of handling each piece should receive.
  2. Call Center Outsourcing – There are numerous benefits SMBs gain with outsourced call center services. Businesses are free to choose the level of service they require, such as providing assistance with excessive call volumes at specific times of the day, answering calls after normal business hours, and more. By extending your call availability, it lets your customers, vendors, and clients know you care about them and their needs.
  3. Data Entry Outsourcing – Capturing data from paper-based and digital formats can be essential in certain industries, like healthcare, retail, banking, and insurance. Data entry is often a time-consuming task, which could quickly take time away from other core business functions you need to concentrate on.
  4. Document Processing Outsourcing – Processing documents in a timely manner could have a direct impact on your bottom line. From customer orders to insurance claims forms, and more, you need to be able to have access to the technologies you require in order to handle the volume of documents you need to process.
  5. Financial & Accounting Outsourcing – When it comes to a business’s finances and accounting procedures, most small business owners are not experienced in this area of their operation. While they might be great at marketing, sales, and other functions, knowing the current rules, regulations, and laws is vital. Otherwise, your business could face serious penalties, fines, and fees from various government agencies. Not to mention, outsourcing these functions ensures you have accurate and detailed records you can use to file your taxes, and ensures employees are paid on time.

These are just five of the different types of services and solutions you can find available at Datamark. Other types of business solutions some SMBs utilize are virtual administrative and scheduling tasks, IT support, product support, customer surveys, nonprofit fundraising, and data migration and conversion projects. Contact us at 915.778.1944 to learn more about our diverse range of services and solutions, and discover how we help you today!