Making the first move can be tough for a lot of people, but, if you’re a business, taking the initiative in establishing proactive customer communications – whether it is making contact with customers first to pitch them a product or service or getting out in front of a problem by informing customers about it – can reap tremendous benefits.

Proactive customer communications is an approach to customer support in which businesses take the first step to reach out to customers, rather than waiting for them to inquire about goods or services or to report a problem. Meeting customers where they are shows initiative and attention to detail – something new customers and established customers alike will reward.

If you’re on the fence about adopting proactive customer communications in your business or hiring a third party to provide these services, consider these benefits:

  • Improved productivity – By anticipating and meeting customer needs instead of waiting for requests and complaints, your business can be more efficient and productive. Proactive customer communications help companies detect and handle small glitches and bugs before they have the opportunity to become major problems.
  • Better data – By spending more time communicating with your customers, you obtain more information about what they want from your company and potential new areas where you can expand your services to supply unmet needs. Improved data collection and analysis is a major trend boosting business efficiency and productivity. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to collect more information by failing to have more meaningful conversations with your customers about their needs and aspirations.
  • Control the conversation – By getting out in front of problems, your company gains better control over the conversation. This allows you to gently guide your customers to more favorable impressions of your company.
  • Improved customer loyalty – Anticipating and meeting customer needs impresses them and helps you retain their loyalty. Also, proactively communicating with customers concerning possible problems or delays helps you establish a reputation for being honest. Remember, generating a new customer costs five times more than what it takes to retain an existing customer.

In today’s modern marketplace, businesses cannot afford to wait for customers to come to them with questions about products and services or complaints. A proactive plan to make sales and respond to problems is needed to provide the personalized level of service the Millennial generation has become accustomed to having.

Outsourced contact centers can prove amazingly adept at providing proactive customer service. While many organizations may struggle to provide this level of service on their own, contact centers have staff trained to focus exclusively on proactive communication services. In addition to trained staff, contact centers also often have specialized software that makes them more effective at quickly identifying customer pain points and directing staff to communicate with customers to address those needs.

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