Real-time performance monitoring provides clients of contact centers with a way to track the performance of their contact center to ensure their customers are getting top quality service. If you’re not tracking your contact center’s performance, you have no idea what level of quality the service is providing.

When companies choose to outsource their contact center operations, they’re placing an important part of their business in the hands of a third party. It only stands to reason that these businesses will want to verify their trust by tracking the performance of their new partners. Real-time monitoring provides companies with the opportunity to monitor live agent and customer interactions and keep track of a number of metrics, such as call length and time spent speaking by each party, along with others.

When choosing a contact center provider, consider these benefits of hiring a provider with real-time monitoring:

  • Provide a consistent level of customer service. Monitoring calls in real time allows managers to immediately get on top of customer service issues as they occur. Real-time monitoring systems can monitor ongoing calls for defined factors such as high emotions, escalation attempts, or profanity and alert upper management when they need to step in to mitigate the situation. With real-time monitoring, businesses can ensure that all of their customers get the service they deserve.
  • Make sure scripts are working. Real-time monitoring also helps the service provider and client track important data to see what’s working and what isn’t. If a particular script contact center agents are reading isn’t making conversions or isn’t providing clear information, data tracked by real-time monitoring can help identify the problem.
  • Improve outcomes. Real-time monitoring of calls can provide agents with advice or next steps when certain events happen during a call. For example, if a customer calls to cancel a service, the real-time monitoring service can prompt the agent to respond by offering client-approved incentives to the customer, such as a free package upgrade, a lower price, etc.
  • Utilize compliance monitoring. Certain services require contact center agents to read off various scripts to ensure all legal liabilities are covered. For example, contact centers providing service for the financial services industry may be required to read certain information to clients before signing them up for an account. Real-time monitoring helps ensure that these required actions are taken, keeping the client in compliance with the law.

Datamark Real Time Performance Monitoring

Datamark uses Vocalcom’s cloud-based contact center software to provide real-time performance monitoring for outsourced contact center services. Vocalcom provides a comprehensive look at a wide variety of customer service metrics and other important key performance indicators. Datamark clients are able to monitor the performance of their third-party contact centers from anywhere with an Internet connection, giving them a tighter grip on the contact center services Datamark provides.

Armed with the information provided by Vocalcom, clients will be able to see how Datamark’s services are working for them and identify opportunities for enhanced service and support.

Datamark provides business process outsourcing for a variety of industries. Whether it is contact center, finance, data entry, or mailroom outsourcing, Datamark can ensure a high level of service and client satisfaction. Real-time monitoring is just one way Datamark ensures its services are among the best in the industry. Find out more by calling 1-800-477-1944.