Press Release: El Paso 311 Call Center Finds New Home.

February 7, 2018

New site brings multiple public safety agencies together in a centralized location.

DATAMARK Inc., a global provider of Business Process Servicing (BPS) and contact center services, has moved its 311 operations into a new facility located in the Northeast side of the city of El Paso. The new location will allow for 311 non-emergency citizen services, 911 emergency calls, and animal control services to be handled from one centralized location. This change will bring unity between the city agencies, foster an understanding of each other’s duties and responsibilities, and empower the partnership while improving communication among the city’s departments. Additionally, the new location will also play a key role for the City of El Paso in transitioning to the government-supported Next Generation 911 (NG911), which will be a new IP-based 911 system.

“The 311 team and I are very excited to be united with the other agencies and out on the floor together, “ said 311 Project Leader, Gethsemani Atilano. “We have an appreciation and respect for one another’s roles and it has been great working with them on a daily basis. To celebrate, we recently hosted a huge potluck for all 311,911, report takers, and animal control dispatchers, allowing us to continually build the unity between the departments.”

The move took place throughout the month of September, and was finalized in early October, during which DATAMARK’s 311 operation was successfully migrated with no interruptions, providing an impressive seamless transition.

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