The B2B and B2C universe has shifted to a multichannel mix of communications, with communications software platforms and data centers in the cloud rather than hosted on-site.

Companies offering services and solutions in these areas love to promote their product as “best of breed,” but once the layers of marketing hype are peeled away, businesses and consumers grasp the real-world performance (and limitations) of technologies driving organizational communication and collaboration.

At the Enterprise Connect conference and expo in Orlando, Florida this month, enterprise communications SaaS provider 8×8 surveyed approximately 200 show attendees about the current state of video conferencing, cloud communications and call centers.

Respondents, representing a wide swath of industry professionals (including end users, equipment manufacturers, system integrators and IT decision makers), shared their thoughts and concerns.

In regard to video conferencing, 35% said poor sound or visual quality was their top grievance. About a quarter (24%) complained about difficulty connecting conference participants, and 20% disliked having to download an app to engage in a video conference.

On the topic of communication and collaboration relying on cloud computing and storage, the top concern was security (35%), followed by quality of service (21%).

Call center services were also placed in the spotlight through the survey. As anyone who has had a poor experience with a call center might expect, the top complaint was “having to say who I am over and over” (27%). That response paralleled with the annoying experience of “getting transferred from agent to agent” (24%). “Spending too much time on hold”, at 16%, rounded out the Top 3 call center complaints.

The researchers say that the responses echo “much of what is being discussed in the industry today.”

“But more importantly highlights areas where vendors need to focus their efforts in delivering higher quality customer experiences–security, quality of service, and feature across unified communications and contact center, that deliver instant, continuous communications across devices and platforms, all integrated into a single application,” the study authors wrote.