Carriers need to focus on getting their customers’ cargo safely to its destination and on time. That’s why the most efficient companies avoid the hassle of capturing data from bills of lading and other transportation documents by turning over the function to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that specialize in services for the trucking and cargo transportation industry.

Freight Bill Outsourcing

Outsourcing the processing of bills of lading and other documents—both paper and electronic—offers freight carriers several benefits, including cost savings, faster time-to-cash, and improved customer service.

Outsourcing to Control Costs

Carriers are experts at moving freight, but non-core business functions such as scanning, automated form classification, automated data capture and manual data entry are the domain of service providers like DATAMARK. Specialists in freight process outsourcing remove wasteful steps to make the document workflow as efficient as possible, helping to reduce costs and lost time. Additionally, paper bills of lading and other transportation documents can be scanned remotely and digital images transmitted for processing in cities with lower labor costs. The processing of documents can be handled in lower-cost communities in the U.S. or, to unlock even lower processing costs, to nearshore and farshore locations.

Faster Time-to-Cash

The sooner a paper bill of lading can be digitized, audited, approved and uploaded onto the server, the quicker an invoice can be generated for payment. The BPO service provider can help freight carriers develop a bill scanning solution using scanners at the freight terminals, at locations on the road, or even in-cab, using mobile devices or portable scanners. BPO providers will typically have global locations for document processing, allowing for 24-hour service seven days a week, 365 days a year. DATAMARK, for example, has service delivery centers in the U.S., Mexico and India, connected by a secure, high-speed network for around-the-clock document processing. Outsourcing brings a worldwide team to clients, all working to ensure rapid freight document reconciliation and payment.

Improved Customer Service

Bills of lading and other freight documents are not universally standardized across the globe, so it takes a team with years of experience with the logistics and fright process to ensure error-free processing. DATAMARK’s document processing staff are familiar with the variety of unstructured, semi-structured and non-standard paper forms used in the freight industry.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and error-correction teams help ensure pleased customers and peace of mind for freight carriers. 

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