When a customer calls, which scenario best describes your way of doing business?

A. You pull up the customer’s file on your computer with a search query and touch of a button; or

B. You call the document storage warehouse. The warehouse worker walks or rides a bike to the right aisle and shelf to locate the document box. They pull the file and bring it back to their desk. You ask the worker to look through the file for a particular document, or maybe send it over by courier. Either way, the customer will likely have to wait for a call back.

If scenario B seems painfully familiar, you’re probably ready to implement an electronic document management system and turn all those paper files into quickly accessible, searchable digital images.

That’s going to require a major backfile scanning project, of course. In many cases it may make sense to turn backfile scanning over to a specialist so you can stay focused on your core business.

To learn more about the basic steps involved in off-site backfile scanning and the benefits of working with a service provider, check out our infographic below:

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