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Is your customer service growing at the same rate as your business? If not, then you’re likely dropping the ball when it comes to meeting your audience’s needs. If you want to achieve your business goals, then it is essential that your customer service process evolves with your growing business. Implementing new technology may be the missing piece of the puzzle when getting your business to where you want it.

One tool that can improve your customer service and take your company to the next level is IVR (Interactive Voice Response). IVR is a comprehensive, cloud-based, automated customer service system that expedites inbound customer calls. Read on to understand precisely how IVR works and the benefits it could bring to your organization.

What You Need to Know About IVR

IVR systems are intelligent and can be integrated to work alongside existing platforms like Avaya and Cisco and other databases necessary for identifying customers and connecting them to the correct department.

Utilizing IVR in your call center allows for the use of pre-recorded responses that help save time for customers and agents, significantly improving your customers’ overall experience and maximizing efficiency for your team.

Essentially, IVR technology interacts with callers first so that they can quickly be redirected to the right place where they’ll likely receive the best assistance. Some of the key features that many organizations enjoy from IVR include:

  • Skills-based call routing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Unmatched dialer capacity

These features can have a significant impact on helping your organization get closer to achieving goals. Here are some of the other benefits of implementing IVR automation in your call center.

How IVR Automation Benefits Companies

This simple and effective telephone menu system will save your organization time, money, and maximize efficiency. Here’s a look at just how that’s possible.  

  • Saving on Costs: IVR allows customers the opportunity to choose the help they want (speaking to an agent or self-service) and can reduce the labor required of live agents. Additionally, this could translate into a reduction in staffing costs and less chance of distracting team members by resolving customer concerns without engaging an agent.

  • More Efficient Customer Service: IVR systems can greatly improve the customer service experience by answering calls almost immediately, automatically calling customers back, pulling essential customer data from CRMs, and has automated speech recognition and text-to-speech. These features can also give your agents a better chance at providing service as IVR can filter customer requests to ensure they’re connected to the right place. This means your agents know what type of issue they may be handling before even taking the call. 

  • Improve Agent Efficiency: Going off the point above, IVR automation takes out the time and effort needed to route calls manually. It allows agents to prioritize and prepare for calls. Both of which are essential to delivering quality service.

  • Enhance Company Image and Brand Loyalty: A consistent and welcoming message that customers hear when calling your company sounds professional and shows that your organization has the tools to handle a high volume of calls. This can increase your brand’s credibility with your customers, allowing them to feel more confident in your company’s ability to assist them.

When implemented correctly, IVR automation can benefit your company, your agents, and your customers. Partner with the right BPO provider to ensure your IVR system perfectly matches your organization’s needs.

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