The India-based National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) continues its effort to reshape the perception of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in India.

For the past three years, Nasscom has been pushing to rebrand the industry as business process management (BPM), reflecting the country’s movement away from solely low-end work to high-skill process transformation.

At Nasscom’s two-day BPM Strategy Summit 2015, held in late September in Bengaluru, the trade association kept up the rebranding momentum with a new campaign, “Become World Worthy.”

In an interview with Business Standard, Keshav Murugesh, chairman of the Nasscom BPM Council, explained that outsourcing in India has evolved, developing a highly educated workforce with an eye for technological innovation and radical process improvement for customers world-wide.

“This is no more an industry that handles low-end commoditized work or focuses on wage arbitrations,” Murugesh said. “This industry actually employs a very different kind of talent and has brought on board a lot of technology and technology partnerships.”

According to Nasscom data, almost half of Indian BPM employees hold professional degrees in business management, accounting and engineering. Nearly 10,000 who work in the sector have medical or doctorate degrees.

Nasscom will use this year’s “Become World Worthy” campaign to educate the outside world of India’s capabilities in the IT outsourcing and business process management sectors. Additionally, it will encourage talented Indian workers to consider careers in the outsourcing field.

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