A multitude of high-tech solutions for organizations operating customer contact centers were on display during Call Center Week in Las Vegas last month.

It would probably take weeks for attendees to review all the brochures, web sites and marketing materials generated by the industry’s largest annual conference and expo.

However, at DATAMARK, our priority is time management and efficiency. So we’ve put together a concise overview of the tech trends emerging from Call Center Week.

There was so much going on, we’ve decided to issue our overview as a two-part information brief series. The first information brief is now available as a complimentary download.

Contact Center Technology Trends: Part 1” focuses on five tech fields making industry waves:

  • Cloud-based contact center software platforms
  • Data security and customer authentication solutions
  • Social media applications
  • Gamification solutions to improve performance
  • Using artificial intelligence to speed up problem resolution

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