Image of someone holding a phone with their finger hovering over social media icons, and a contact center agent to the right is ready to help them if they need help.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance and finetune the customer journey, but you aren’t investing in social media strategy, then you’re missing out on a worthwhile opportunity.

Top-tier BPO providers should have effective social media strategies and tools to ensure your customer care meets client needs. Still haven’t taken the time to include social media into your customer care? Here are a few reasons why you may want to reconsider. 

Enhancing the Customer Journey through Social Media

Many business leaders know the importance of social media in building awareness, but the truth is that strategic social media management can also help craft, nurture, and sustain long-lasting relationships with your most valuable customers.

Social media is a two-way road that has modified how companies market to their audience and how consumers offer feedback to companies. If you don’t have the right plan in place, you could be missing out on an opportunity to grow your business. So, why is social media vital to the customer experience?

  • It’s Expected: Now more than ever before, customers expect an online presence from the companies they engage with. More people are utilizing mobile devices for their online engagements, and having an active social media presence is part of it. Having a dedicated team to monitor your social platforms can help improve the customer experience.

  • Help with Decision Making: Users are researching online before making purchases. If you have an online presence with user-generated content to show off, it can help potential customers feel more confident in choosing your organization. Plus, it gives customers a place to provide feedback and for viewers to see how you respond to that feedback.

  • Interact on a Different Level: Social media offers a unique way for users to connect with the brands they follow. Resolve minor issues before they turn into a major headache by having one of your dedicated customer care team members monitor and respond to social channels’ feedback.

  • Turn Opportunities into Sales: Whether you have engaged in conversation with a follower, answered a question, resolved negative feedback, you’re showing followers that your brand cares and is willing to make an effort to deliver. This could be the extra push needed to transform an opportunity into a sale.

The points above are just a few of the ways in which social media can enhance the customer journey, but here’s how you can leverage BPO services to implement effective social media strategies into your customer service.

Many believe they can handle managing one, two, or even three profiles for newcomers to social media. Share a post or respond to a comment seems easy enough, right? Wrong. Social media management is extremely time-consuming. If you aren’t going off a strategic plan or utilizing the right tools, you may not be gaining valuable insight from your social efforts.

When you partner with an experienced BPO provider, you’ll get access to social media experts, quality tools, and you’ll be saving your team tons of time, all while obtaining data that can help your business grow.

Benefit from DATAMARK’s Multi-Channel Contact Center Services

DATAMARK has provided business process outsourcing solutions for companies across various industries since 1989, and our agents understand the importance of customer relationship management. DATAMARK’s agents are trained to expertly represent your brand at any point of contact, including phone, email, webchat, and social media. Our call center outsourcing agents are trained to respond proactively to social media notifications, helping your brand engage in conversation with followers, resolve problems before they snowball, and turn opportunities into sales.

In addition to our team of experts, our contact center software platform includes an intelligent social media management tool that automatically monitors social media conversations for opportunities, complaints, and compliments related to your business. Help your company reach the next level by letting DATAMARK handle your call center outsourcing. Learn more about our multi-channel contact center solutions or contact our outsourcing specialists.