Today, nearly every business person across the world can be found with a mobile device in hand.

The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets is changing the ways of printing, scanning and document management in small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, according to new research from International Data Corporation.

Top reasons companies are embracing printing, scanning and document management via smartphones and tablets include improved speed in reviewing documents and the ability to increase the number of transactions processed–both factors that have led to improved customer satisfaction.

Companies that have optimized mobile-device document management are reaping benefits, for sure, according to IDC’s world-wide survey of businesses. However, many organizations haven’t yet unlocked mobile-printing’s potential–35 percent of smartphone users and 34 percent of tablet users surveyed say they want to print with their devices at work, but cannot.

“The business value for smartphone/tablet printing is enormously clear, and yet support for this is shockingly lacking in 2015. This is a huge missed productivity opportunity for both businesses and print providers,” said Angèle Boyd, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Document Solutions.

IDC identified six vertical markets that have a higher percentage of smartphone and tablet users than other industries. They include: Information Technology, Wholesale Trade, Banking, Life Sciences, Resource Industries and Securities.

Other findings from the survey, “Mobile Device Users/Non-Users: Print, Scan, Document Management, Worldwide,” include:

•Mobile device users prefer to read documents on a PC rather than in print, but they prefer to read documents in print rather than on a smartphone or tablet, likely because of their small screen size.

• Respondents expect printing from mobile devices to increase from 20-21% today to 28-30% in three years.

• IDC’s mobile print forecast for the six countries surveyed anticipates double-digit growth compared to flat to declining growth for the rest of the print market.

• Cloud file services and mobile device camera use have the highest usage rates amongst document solutions tested.

• Top drivers for scanning in business organizations include: more documents requiring scanning; electronic storage costs are lower than printing costs; document security; green/environmentally friendly policies; the need for mobile device information access anywhere/anytime.

• Mobile devices users make significant use of the camera for document capture.

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