Most enterprises recognize the value of content analytics, but many struggle to develop effective strategies to deal with immense volumes of new and legacy content, according to new research from AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management.

Three-quarters of the organizations that participated in the study, “Content Analytics: automating processes and extracting knowledge,” agreed that analytics could deliver valuable insight on business functions. Additionally, auto-classification tools used as part of a content analytics strategy could help protect information, alert managers to sensitive or offensive content and improve compliance to regulations.

“The sheer volume of legacy content, combined with increasing volumes of new inbound content, mean that content analytics has the potential to be the single most valuable tool at an enterprise’s disposal,” said AIIM chief analyst Doug Miles. “It can provide meaning and insight to content and help protect organizations from risks associated with unclassified content.”

Despite the promise of content analytics, 80 percent of enterprises say they haven’t yet designated a senior role for initiating and coordinating content analytics applications. Almost two-thirds said this lack of leadership and direction is limiting the potential of analytics.

“… content analytics programs need strategic direction and people with the right skills to realize the potential,” Miles said. “Organizations must look to address these shortfalls as a priority.”

Other key findings from the study include:

  • 60 percent of enterprises say content analytics will be essential within five years.
  • Early adopters of content analytics are seeing benefits, with 68 percent reporting ROI within 18 months or less.
  • 34 percent use content analytics strategies and tools for process automation, information governance, contextual search and business insights.
  • More than half (53 percent) say auto-classification tools are the only way to bring control to content chaos.

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