T-Mobile captured the highest ranking among wireless full-service carriers in the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full Service Performance Study – Volume 1, released in early February.

Also released by J.D. Power was the a performance study for non-contract carriers, which was topped by Virgin Mobile.
The semiannual studies revealed that overall satisfaction with customer care by wireless carries has increased. Additionally, millennials are driving changes in customer service over phone, online and in-person channels.

“Given the number of dedicated contact channels available, the self-service-enabled channels such as online and ARS (automated response systems) generate the largest increases in overall satisfaction, compared with the Full-Service Vol. 2 Study in 2015, just six months ago,” said Kirk Parsons, senior director and technology, media & telecom practice leader at J.D. Power. “One of the main influences contributing to satisfaction gains in self-service-enabled channels is the growth in the percentage of Millennial customers, who have a relatively high propensity to use these channels.”

Satisfaction among millennials is 78 points higher than baby boomers in online channels (816 vs. 738) and 36 points higher in automated response system channels (853 vs. 817).

Other findings from the studies include:

Wireless Care Satisfaction is Improving: Overall satisfaction among wireless full-service customers is 788—up 7 points from the 2015 Full-Service Study—Vol. 2. Among non-contract wireless customers, a full 13-point gain (up to 738) has happened since

Full-Service Study—Vol. 2. Among non-contract wireless customers, a full 13-point gain (up to 738) has happened since the 2015 Non-Contract Study—Vol. 2.

Millennials are Big Users of Customer Service: During the previous three months, 43% of millennials contacted customer service, compared with just 24% of boomers.

Millennials Have Lower First-Contact Resolution: The first-contact resolution rate for millennials is 54% across all four care channels, compared to a 62% rate among Boomers.

Millennials Have a Lot of Billing Issues: In all care channels, Millennials have a high rate of billing-related problems or questions. Among customers who visit a carrier’s store with a problem, 19% of millennials cite “incorrect bill amount” as the reason for the visit, compared to 8% of boomers. Sixteen percent of Millennials cite “charged for calls not made or services/products I do not have” as a reason for the visit, compared with just 2% of boomers.

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