Twilio, a company that develops cloud-based business communications software, recently announced a collaboration with Google on a call center solution that may end up disrupting traditional call center business models.

The product is Twilio CX, and it combines Twilio’s WebRTC software with a Google Chromebook and a Plantronics voice headset.

Picture this kind of ramp up: You hand out 100 Chromebooks and headsets to your agents. They open the Chromebook, connect to the web and Twilio’s browser-based software. You now have a 100-seat, multichannel customer contact center.

In addition to the Chromebook and headset, the Twilio CX bundle includes 7,500 Twilio minutes per month. According to a CITEworld article, Twilio will sell the CX product bundle at a price of $75 per user per month to resell partners who are expected to add their own services to the package.

Twilio’s first resell partner is LiveOps, who has announced a price of $90 per user per month for the equipment and Twilio minutes bundle with a two-year commitment. The LiveOps multichannel contact center software, which integrates with SalesForce, is priced separately.

Twilio’s management is promoting the ease-of-use and rapid scalability of their cloud-based contact center package.

“Old hardware-centric approaches are holding back companies, hindering innovation and limiting their ability to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of their customers,” said Twilio co-founder and CEO Jeff Lawson. “The combination of Twilio’s communication platform with a Google Chromebook for Business, can enable enterprises of all sizes to jettison old-school on-premises hardware and the massive associated capex, and gain the agility and flexibility that cloud and software-based communications enables. We can’t wait to see what customers will build when they’re unshackled from the usual constraints of expensive hardware and siloed systems.”

Disrupting traditional call centers 

LiveOps also hopes the new product will emerge as a disruptor to traditional call center infrastructure.

“By using the Twilio platform and making it available on a Google Chromebook for Business for a single monthly subscription price, LiveOps is eliminating the capex expenditures for landlines, phones and desktop computers that were required by previous contact center technologies,” said LiveOps CMO Ann Sung Ruckstuhl. “With a software-only contact center, businesses can now deliver a great customer experience on the customer’s channel of choice whether it be voice, email, chat, SMS or social media. That’s no longer a nice to have, but the table stakes of acquiring and retaining customers.”

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