Contact center software vendors are taking advantage of advances in computer processing power and sophisticated algorithms to produce tools that  gauge a customer’s mood or personality when they call in to speak to a customer service representative.

Known as behavioral analytics software, these tools will also evaluate call center representatives’ ability to handle customers’ moods and personalities–angry, talkative, shy, sarcastic, for example–and match callers with the best available reps.

Information Week recently focused on one of these software vendors, Chicago-based Mattersight. Mattersight’s customers include CVS Caremark and Esurance.

To put its behavioral analytics in motion for its clients, Mattersight will spend a couple weeks capturing data about call center reps’ ability to deal with a variety of customer personalities. The company will also analyze historic call center data to help fine-tune its personality construction tools.

Mattersight’s cloud-based software, powered by millions of algorithms, is then unleashed. It works behind the scenes to match the right personalities between customer and call center rep, with a goal of better service and support, as well as faster problem resolution and shorter call times.

“In this case, we don’t actually present any information to the call center employee,” Jason Wesbecher, chief marketing officer of Mattersight, said in an interview with Information Week. “We just create more magical connections by pairing, right when the caller calls in, that (customer) with the service rep.”

Another company offering behavioral analytics software for contact centers is Satmap, with global headquarters based in Washington, D.C.

Forrester analyst Art Schoeller recently reported on his blog that Satmap software helped a large U.S. telecommunications carrier improve sales conversion by 6 percent, helping add $100 million in incremental revenue over two years.

Mattersight also touted its success in a case study featuring CVS Caremark, which was able to reduce its average contact center talk time by 8.4 percent in a proof-of-concept trial of the Mattersight software.